Consumer Marketing: Sell a Lifestyle Not the Product

What does “sell a lifestyle” really mean?

Everyone has their favorite make of car, their favorite clothes designer and favorite vacation venues. What we buy and who buy from is an important part of who we are, no matter age, income or where we live. Identifying and connecting with those preferences is the single best way to grow your business.

But what does “sell a lifestyle” really mean?

Nike is an example. Nike’s commercials, tag line and website sell consumers on adventure, adrenaline and epic sports. The company proudly displays its logo everywhere, of course, but the content it produces and promotes often does not mention the quality of its product at all. Instead Nike shines the spotlight on athletes, joggers, and active young people highlighting them doing amazing physical things.

Nike has built an empire by creating a culture instead of selling its products outright.

So how do you take that example and apply it to your own business?

First you must decide on the lifestyle you want to sell. This may seem obvious, but if you have multiple marketers pushing different ideas to consumers in an uncoordinated fashion, your overall brand message will get muddled and the results will be poor. You have to ask yourself: What do our best customers like to do? Where do they go? What is important to them?

Produce “aspirational” marketing content that appeals to your customer’s ideal lifestyle.

Discuss important trends that impact them. Take a strong stance on issues they care about, and ask your customers to weigh in and participate in the conversation.

Do not produce content that exclusively promotes your products. Brands need to become publishers and not just advertisers. If you want to grow your brand, you need to stop thinking of content as advertising, and stop considering it only in regards to how much revenue you can directly attribute back to it.

Selling a lifestyle does more than drive clicks and sales; it increases awareness to cement your brand as a leading authority within your respective niche.

We know lifestyle marketing.

SOS Business Development Marketing knows from our experience in the specialty food and beverage business that creating a unique lifestyle marketing plan actually sells more of your products. Our clients are small to medium size coffee and food producers who are passionate about what they do. Maybe just like you.

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