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What we do

We are marketing professionals with a focus on your sales and marketing projects that matter most, those that help generate new business.

With SOS, you get all the benefits of a skilled and professional marketing partner.

Benefits of working with SOS

Work directly with SOS owner, David Schwartz, a marketing professional with big and small business experience.

No learning curve, with deep-rooted experience in many types of industries and products.

Useful advice, innovative ideas in marketing, product development, and provide support for sales.

All forms of digital and conventional marketing. Not from theory or classes, but from years of experience. We know what works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We have marketing people. Why consider you?
A: Consider SOS when you need business growth. SOS always brings in fresh, new, and objective ideas.

Q: We can’t afford help
A: The majority of our clients have said this, most over 5 years ago. We work primarily with small and medium size businesses.

Q: We need more sales leads. Can you help with that?
A: Qualified lead generation and sales for wholesale and consumer customers is what we do.

Q: Do you work in our industry?
A: We have experience in many industries. See “Industries and Clients” on this page.

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