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Increase Your Distribution?
Distribution is the biggest driver of growth for those with little to no distribution and those with limited distribution. SOS works with clients to set up and implement effective distribution growth strategies which includes researching the best distributors for their business, creating a unique sales proposition to attract distribution, developing a distributor support program, and marketing to distributors prior to sales contact. For those with lackluster distributor sales, SOS provides distributor partner promotion programs including working with distributors to uncover business development opportunities that benefits both parties.

Uncover New Sales Channels?
As well as creative marketing, business development is a core SOS competency. With our experience in the specialty coffee and CPG (Consumer Package Goods) categories, we offer a business development service to uncover products, services, and sales channels previously unknown, undeveloped, overlooked, or forgotten by clients. An example might be entering a new sales channel by re-packaging or re-branding an existing product to fit the channel.

Increase Your Online Sales?
Whether B2C or B2B, increasing online sales gets more complicated, costly and harder to evaluate ROI every day for all businesses. Further, there is no “automated marketing” program that creates content that connects on a human-2-human basis – H2H. SOS creates compelling H2H marketing that outscores the average automated-looking online marketing for both consumer and wholesale channels. We do whatever is necessary to reach the customer, from direct mail marketing to data-driven segmented email marketing.

Market Directly to Cafes?
Even if you do trade shows, distributor shows, sponsorships, Facebook pay-per-click, or trade ads nothing will get you in front of so many prospects in so little time for less money with better, trackable results than our email marketing campaigns to cafes. Our in-house list of 13,351 cafe owner prospects along with our creative marketing will bring more inquiries and leads than any other form of marketing including any other form of digital marketing. In addition we offer exclusive SOS Drip Email Marketing to help speed up the closing process.

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