SOS Competitor + Market Research

Blended iced coffee manufacturer

~Strong competition
~COVID-19 market conditions
~Resistance to change

SOS Solution:
~SOS Competitor + Market Research
Utilizing our years of finely honed research skills and access to deep digital/traditional resources, we uncover, analyze, summarize , and report competitor and market research data applied to marketing strategies and plans. In most cases, we are tasked by CEOs to implement these plans as well.
~SOS Drip Lead Generation Email marketing to 10,000 cafes, other prospects
~Develop lower cost-per-goods and pricing structure, higher quality control, less costly packaging
~Rebrand with new brand identity
~Market with new high value message
~SOS ROI Facebook Marketing
~SOS Lead Nurture + Followup

$1.5 million in sales within 18 months