SOS Lead Nurture + Follow-up

Blended iced coffee manufacturer

~Strong competition
~COVID-19 market conditions
~Resistance to change

SOS Solution:
~SOS Lead Nurture + Followup
Wholesale sales leads don’t close immediately. In fact, most take time. We use drip email marketing to nurture leads, answering objections with product features and benefits. Our nurturing process moves leads down the sales funnel where we eventually hand the leads off to client sales temas or we contact the leads ourselves.
~SOS Drip Lead Generation Email marketing to 10,000 cafes, other prospects
~Develop lower cost-per-goods and pricing structure, higher quality control, less costly packaging
~Rebrand with new brand identity
~Market with new high value message
~SOS ROI Facebook Marketing

$1.5 million in sales within 18 months