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SOS is a food and beverage industry business and sales development marketing advisor specializing in sales growth with a focus in the Specialty Coffee. Our work is divided into four areas:SOS Direct
Marketing Director

SOS Sleuth
Market research
Sales lead data
Competitor data

SOS Buzz
Marketing strategies
Creative campaigns
Digital media tactics

SOS Grow
Business + sales development
Key account sales
Business management advisor

A Focus On Generating Sales While Strengthening Your Brand: SOS Consulting Marketing Director Services

Consulting Marketing Director Services: Focused on your marketing projects that matter most, those that help generate new sales.

Time for a Marketing Director? SOS Direct owner David Schwartz takes charge of your marketing, everything from digital media to trade shows, so that you can spend more time running your business. With David’s over 15 years of sales and marketing experience the focus is on the marketing projects that matter most, those that help generate sales while strengthening your brand.

We have over 15 years experience in food and beverage marketing including specialty coffee. Not only do we provide fresh marketing strategies and tactics but also we manage your marketing projects including working with any graphics and marketing associates you may currently have. With SOS Direct, you get all the benefits of a skilled and professional marketing director without the cost of employee benefits and perks.

Benefits of working with SOS Direct:

  • Work directly with SOS Direct owner, David Schwartz, a VP Marketing level professional
  • No industry and product learning curve. We know food and beverage inside out
  • We generate useful advice, big ideas in marketing, product development, and provide support for sales
  • We do the marketing communications work when needed or work with your people
  • We know digital and conventional marketing. Not from theory or classes, but from years of experience
  • More than just support, we work on the front lines to support your sales people with lead generation and sales presentations that sell
  • We bring big brand experience to small business to provide growth strategies and guidance

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: We have marketing people we use to do our ads, shows, social media, and everything else. Why consider you?
A: Consider SOS Direct when you get to the point where you need to focus more of your energies on business growth and operations than on the complexities of managing your marketing. In-house marketing people tend to become “stale” after awhile, offering up the same ideas. SOS Direct always brings in fresh, new ideas.

Q: We are on a tight budget and probably can’t afford a consultant
A: The majority of our clients have said this before they started working with us, most over 5 years ago. We work primarily with small and medium size businesses.

Q: We need our marketing to generate more sales leads. Can you help with that?
A: Qualified lead generation for wholesale and consumer customers is a big part of what we do. We work with client sales teams to research key account prospects, nurture them, and help bring them to close with highly targeted marketing media.

Q: Do you work in our industry?
A: Our area of experience is in food and beverage including specialty coffee. David Schwartz has been involved with many food and beverage businesses as a marketing director and consultant. For a list of clients, visit our Clients page.

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David Schwartz

How Peet’s Keeps Up And Stays Ahead

When you pioneer an industry, how can you continue to stay disruptive for generations to come? Just ask Peet’s Coffee, the over 50-year-old coffee company fighting to stay relevant and appeal to craft coffee-chugging Millennials.

Over fifty years ago, Alfred Peet opened the very first Peet’s Coffee shop. The year was 1966, when coffee from a can was the norm. From his shop in Berkeley, Calif., the Dutch immigrant began hand-roasting coffee beans in small batches, creating bold and complex blends that were unlike anything in the American market.

That was the beginning of the specialty coffee movement.

Today, the question at Peet’s Coffee is how to keep ahead of that movement while staying true to its brand. As demand for specialty coffee has exploded, so has the competition.

Here are 5 key lessons from Peet’s entrepreneurs can use as they look to grow their business. Continue reading

What illy Knows About Trade Shows

“Get 2 really top pieces of new business rather than 100 minor orders”

illy Caffé, established in 1933 in Trieste, Italy is a global leader in premium espresso coffee, available in over 60 countries.

While a favorite with home espresso machine users, illy has built a successful multi-channel food service business. From the very beginning, they developed a simple, effective, and unique trade show strategy built around their equally unique brand.

illy Trade Show Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics:

  1. To be visible within the marketplace
  2. To demonstrate illy’s success and leadership within its own marketplace
  3. To meet and retain existing clients
  4. To identify new leads that will generate long-term business
  5. To maintain consistency against competitors that exhibit sporadically or infrequently
  6. To occasionally launch new products – launching at a show is best

Continue reading

Knowledge Is Power: New SOS Sleuth Offers B2B Key Account Market Research Service

Sleuth is our Key B2B Account Prospect Market Research service. It is focused on providing a 360 degree view of critical key account data and insight for the purpose of scoring, opening, nurturing, and closing key B2B account prospects.

Key account prospects are the big accounts, the ones that are hard to get. In specialty coffee they include restaurant chains, corporate and institutional food service, c-store chains, hospitality, retail/grocery chains, and any other large target you may be interested in.

The benefit of Sleuth is speed and results: Provide a more expeditious, efficient, and analytical process than most sales teams now use to increase revenue and customer acquisitions within shorter sales projection timelines. Continue reading