Strategic Marketing Tips

Start with Strategic Marketing Rather Than Digital Tactics
With the increase of digital marketing technology innovations, marketing has become more tactical and generic, less strategic and perhaps less effective for the unique needs of many brands. We prefer to begin with more strategic marketing to better guide the use of digital marketing tactics. Here are a few examples we use:

Push/Pull Marketing
When the objective is to influence distributor activity (rather than direct online sales), selling more through distribution and increasing distribution networks, we push marketing communications to B2B and B2C end user groups. The result is more business for existing and new distributors.

Trade Show Key Account Marketing
Rather than just showing up at trade shows to see who shows up, we work with clients to strategize shows well in advance, including analyzing which shows to commit to based on a number of factors. Our primary objective of exhibiting at a trade show is to begin the sales funnel process with predetermined key account prospects we know will be there.

Social Interaction Marketing
For B2B, social media only works if it is used to generate and answer questions. More and more business customers use social media to interact with brands in this way and some brands have recognized the value of Facebook and Twitter for this purpose. Facebook in particular offers Facebook Leads, a pay per click auction model that collects customer data from those looking for more information.

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