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Coffee Allied Products Company
Problem: Unprofitable food service sales
SOS: Cut packaging and marketing costs saving $58,000, re-brand and re-market core best sellers to targeted prospects utilizing digital media with limited promotions. Work with sales groups to increase accountability, management reporting accuracy, and provide business development lead generation and strategic marketing support.
Results: Steady month-over month sales increases.

Espresso Machine Company
Problem: Trade show participation ROI unknown and unaccountable
SOS: Re-evaluate trade show participation. Set up show lead tracking for sales team including pre-show and post-show follow-up lead tracking emails and other contact strategies.
Results: Increased show prospect conversions by 22%.

Coffee Equipment & Supplies Company
Problem: 76% Revenues reliant on one customer
SOS: Set up business development partnerships with regional affiliate companies selling allied products, lead generation and distribution of leads to sales reps, support follow up activities, oversee sales group, followups, proposals, closing and customer satisfaction strategies.
Results: Added 10 new key account customers in 3 months.

Coffee Roasting Company
Problem: Top line flat/declining revenues over 2 years
SOS: Analysis discovered no structured new product strategy other than from whim of owner. Set up new product discipline, develop fast and implementable re-purposing of existing product line as premium retail packaged goods line, refurbish rep and distribution network, establish and implement digital marketing to buyers and consumers channels.
Results: 38% increase in revenue with 6 months of start of program and a continued increase over 18 months.

Specialty Coffee Beverages Company
Problem: Too many under-performing products and brands
SOS: Eliminate marginal products, re-brand and extend highest performing core brand into food service and retail adding new market driven products annually.
Results: Efficiencies and product line focus resulting in increase in overall revenues and well as cost savings.

Online Coffee Products Retailer
Problem: Too reliant on holiday season sales
SOS: Activate inactive customers, improve sales from existing customers creating new sales revenue stream 32% of sales from aggressive email marketing program.
Results: Increased website traffic utilizing Google Adwords, upgraded website for SEO increased search engine sales by 28%.

B2B Coffee Products Company
Problem: Stagnant product line, declining Food Service sales, unsupervised and under supported sales reps, too much marketing money spent on unfocused PR, sampling, and events
SOS: Provide increased food service sales leads and follow up coaching to reps to increase food service sales to institutional restaurant and catering groups. Redirect PR monies to online food service sales nationally. Developed line of specialty cupcakes to sell through factory stores.
Results: Quick increase in food service sales, sales morale, and revenues.

Specialty Food Company
Problem: Declining food service sales due to slow delivery, lower priced competition, lack of brand awareness, business reliant on holiday season sales with poor cash flow off season.
SOS: Increased direct email marketing on benefits of premium products, hire in-house sales to cold call and follow up on email leads, sell to coffee and gourmet shops willing to pay more, and buy automated equipment.
Results: Increased food service sales by 26% in first year, increased monthly cash flow.

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