Website Nerds Holding You Hostage?

Held Hostage - NerdsA client hired website programmers to build their website. The programmers did a pretty good job, created a nice design and put useful content into the site.

They were responsive until the client wanted to start making edits to product descriptions, shopping cart pricing, promotions, and photos…something that they thought would take no more than a few minutes to do.

When they did respond, they didn’t put through the changes for many weeks…and asked for additional service charges each time changes were made.

The client realized they were being held hostage and since our client needed to make changes to their own website on a regular basis, they realized that they needed to be able to make those changes in-house.

responsive-webdesign-perthA “User Friendly” and Mobile-Compatible Website SOS
SOS Business Development created a solution which provided the client with a new “user-friendly” and mobile-compatible version of their website. It included a fresh updated look and easy-to-use controls so that they can make changes on a whenever they-need-to basis.

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Business Development