6 Email Marketing Myths Debunked

Email marketing has been around a long time, by internet standards, but remains in the top 3 online sales generators. Here are the top 6 email marketing myths debunked:

1. Email Marketing Is Old School And Doesn’t Work Any More
Not true. Industry surveys show that ROI from email marketing continues to outperform social media content, pay-per-click ads, trade shows, and everything else.

2. Never Buy Email Lists
Not true. You would be shocked to learn that the big boys, large and successful online e-commerce sites, buy email lists. They just know who to buy them from and how to use them. If you are sending emails to fewer than 10,000 prospects you might be missing out on sales.

3. Never Send A Lot Of Emails Out, People Will Be Mad At You And Unsubscribe
Not true. Many successful marketers send out multiple emails per week because they see results from certain days and they have a successful messaging strategy. Emails are a way to keep your message in front of your loyal customers and new business prospects, as long as the message continues to be fresh.

4. B2B Emails Don’t Generate Sales
Not true. We use emails to generate sales leads into a CRM funnel where the leads are nurtured by us and closed by sales people with our assistance. If you do not have this system in place, you will continue to fall behind in developing qualified sales leads.

5. The Success Of Email Marketing Is Dependent On Costly Promotions And Incentives
Not true. Just like successful brick and mortar businesses have learned, sales and promotions are best used annually to reward loyal customers and attract new customers. Email marketing is used for many marketing, branding, and sales purposes as a part of an overall business strategy.

6. Nobody Opens Emails From Companies They Don’t Know
Not true. If emails are useful and relevant they get opened, bringing in new customers. There is no software program that develops creative and useful content for your products, it must be done by experienced and creative marketing people.

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David Schwartz

Specialty Coffee Industry Business Development Marketing