Marketing Automation for Small Business

Used with creativity and diligence, Marketing Automation can help small businesses better generate and qualify sales leads, shorten sales cycles, and provide better marketing accountability.

What Marketing Automation does – Provides more efficient sales prospecting:
Reduces length of sales cycles
Increases qualified sales leads
Increases marketing accountability
Increases number of closes in any given period
Increases top-line revenue in any given period

How Marketing Automation works – Delivers pre-qualified sales prospects automatically:
Strategic content driven through bulk and segmented email marketing to prospects
Open and click-through response tracking places “interested” prospects into sales funnel pipeline
Continued process of strategic content of “interest” pushes further “interested” prospects down sales funnel
Bottom of sales funnel qualified prospects contacted by sales to begin the closing process

Other Benefits
It will allow your salespeople to know exactly what to discuss with your prospects
You’ll be able to feed your prospects and customers with relevant content, and track what’s most helpful to them
Provides essential analytical information so you can see what channels are performing and which are not
You will be able to tweak your campaigns on the fly while tracking prospects and ultimately shortening long sales cycles

SOS Business Development provides Marketing Automation scaled to the needs of small business. For more information:
David Schwartz

SOS Business Development