7 Signs You Need Marketing Automation

Sign #1: Decreased Sales Conversions
The conversion results from your email campaigns are starting to decrease, and you’re trying to keep your prospect base from totally burning out.

Marketing automation can help you move away from batch and blast, and provide relevant information to your prospects at the right time using triggered campaigns.

Sign #2: Employees Stretched Too Thin
Your company is growing, but the effort required to deliver quality information to your sales prospects is impossible to deliver.

Sign #3: Increased Competition
Your competitors are using marketing automation, and are therefore getting to the prospects before you do. Being late to the party is not fun and not profitable. If you have a good product or service, you need to be able to be able to present your story at the right time, not after they’ve purchased a competitive product or service.

Sign #4: Can’t Tell a Good Lead from a Bad One
Your sales team can’t tell a good lead from a bad one. You need lead scoring that gives you insight and prioritization based on demographics and prospect activity, which marketing automation can provide.

Sign #5: You Can’t Tell What’s Working and What’s Not
You’re spending a lot of money on marketing programs, but you can’t tell what’s working and what’s not. You need a way to map your efforts to pipeline, so that you can maximize your marketing’s impact.

Sign #6: Not Enough Budget
If your marketing budget is too small, it may be time for automation. If you want to justify a bigger investment in your marketing, you need to be able to demonstrate the impact your marketing already has.

Sign #7: Your Marketing Lacks Credibility
This might be the most important reason to adopt marketing automation. You should have a seat at the table in any client organization, but that’s not always the case. Marketing automation can help position you as a valued partner, rather than just another vendor – earning you the credibility and influence you deserve.

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Inspired by: Amy Guarino