5 Critical Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Marketing People

There’s no doubt that we all need to know how to choose the right marketing people. These could be anyone doing your marketing including marketing coordinators, interns with marketing degrees, sales people, a PR person, your distributor, or your website designer.

But how can you be sure your marketing people are helping to drive you forward and not holding you back? Here are 5 signs you’ve outgrown your marketing people.

1. Old answers to new questions
Your marketing people are resisting change, wanting to keep things the same, or coming up with old solutions to new problems. No-one can claim to be an expert anymore – at least not for more than a week or so – but still, you should expect your marketing people to be leading the charge in digital marketing.

2. Consistently-off-the-mark solutions
Strategic and creative solutions that are consistently out-of-kilter with your brand, your position in the market, your business objectives or your target audience.

3. A lack of interest in business objectives
If your marketing people are only concerned about the results of their latest campaign, you’re probably not getting full strategic value from them.

4. B2C solutions for your B2B business
If your marketing people are regularly coming up with B2C solutions for your B2B business (or vice versa), chances are it’s not going to be working for you – or your customers.

5. No longer bringing in the ROI
Maybe you’ve seen media and production costs go up, without taking your response rates along for the ride. Perhaps you’re simply getting an inkling that there might be smarter, more effective ways to get more for your money.

If any of these sound familiar, chances are your marketing people are just recycling the same old strategies, without considering whether they’re still relevant to your market, changes in your industry, or taking advantage of the new and constantly changing digital opportunities available to them.

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David Schwartz
Specialty Coffee Industry Business Development Marketing