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Coffee CEO Advisor: Key Ways To Accelerate B2B Sales

SOS Coffee CEO AdvisorThe B2B wholesale sales channel is an important sales channel for continued growth. If you’ve been selling B2B or considered selling B2B you know that the B2B sales cycle, the time it takes to close a sale, can take a long time. Sometimes too long. Let’s say you’ve got prospective B2B sales in your pipeline, but they need to close for you to make your sales targets by the end of the month. How do you accelerate the B2B pipeline?

In order to close the B2B pipeline sales faster, you need to speed up the sales process by doing a better job in lead scoring, knowing your target customers’ interests and pain points, and building a relationship through lead nurturing.

Here are the 6 key ways to accelerate closing B2B channel-based pipeline sales: Continue reading

Drive Sales Through Channel Partner Marketing

A lot of specialty coffee industry companies use distributors and reseller partners to deliver their message and their goods to the end-customer in various B2B channels: Cafe, OCS, grocery, gourmet, restaurant, vending, c-stores, club stores, online resellers. However, many find that their partners are often lacking in driving new business and that they’re just handling that which is given to them.

At SOS, we work with clients to increase distributor sell through. Here are some useful tips we have learned. Continue reading

5 Critical Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Marketing People

There’s no doubt that we all need to know how to choose the right marketing people. These could be anyone doing your marketing including marketing coordinators, interns with marketing degrees, sales people, a PR person, your distributor, or your website designer. Continue reading