Five Tips to Increase Your Company’s Buzz Online

FLOWER AND BEEBy: Jonathan Long

When you want to increase your company’s leads online there are several lead generation methods that you can attempt. There are several different ways to create a buzz for your company and generate leads, but it isn’t easy to predict what is going to work and what isn’t, especially since what works well for one company might not produce the same type of results for the next. Many companies become content when they discover one method that creates leads and they don’t venture off to find other avenues for generating leads. It is a good idea to spread your lead sources, as you never want to put all of your eggs in one basket.

While it can be difficult to predict what methods are going to produce quality leads and what ones are going to tank, we have put together a list of five lead generation tips that have a high probability of producing results for your company.

1. Utilize Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a very effective way to generate leads and also trigger older contacts to again turn into a hot new lead. You should be building multiple email lists for your business. It is important to attract new leads by offering something of value for free as well as building a list of actual customers and continuing to stay on their radar via email.

There are several email marketing tools that can help you build and segment your lists, as well as track the performance. Remember to make sure that your emails are formatted for mobil devices because the majority of your recipients are going to be opening and viewing your emails on their mobile devices.

2. Guest Blog on Authority Websites

Publishing content on industry related websites is a great way to get in front of an entirely new audience. Not every lead that your website is going to originate from the individual discovering your website first. Referral traffic will generally convert at a high rate because you have sparked the individuals interest enough to cause them to visit your website.

If they like what they read in your guest blog and click over to your website there is a good chance they will opt in to your offer, creating a new lead for your business. Make sure to only approach websites that publish only high quality content and attract the type of audience that you are targeting.

3. Attract Leads From Your Social Media Following

While social media marketing is great for building brand awareness, it is also a great tool for lead generation. If you have an active social following get them to engage with your brand by asking them questions and directing them to specific landing pages on your website. You can create lead generation forms for any subject — keep them unique and ask for as little information as possible.

If you only need a name and email address then ask for that, instead of a bunch of fields that are likely to push the individual away. You can also create exclusive offers for your social following such as giving away a free eBook or free trials. Announce the exclusive offers across your social channels and direct them to landing pages in an effort to turn them into a fresh new lead.

4. Keep Your Company Blog Updated

Your company’s blog can be an extremely effective lead generation tool when you utilize it the correct way. Your blog is a platform for you to share information, educate your readers, and position your brand as an expert. Address common questions and problems that your target audience is likely to have.

Give them information that will help them for free and watch them subscribe to your offers because they want more insight and information from you. You aren’t going to generate quality leads by simply throwing up a lead generation form on your website. You need to provide quality information for free, and your blog is a great platform to deliver it.

5. Create Optimized Landing Pages

Every business has a landing page, or even multiple landing pages. Everyone wants to generate leads for their business, but not everyone does it the correct way. It is important that you create optimized landing pages if you want to achieve a high conversion rate. When your traffic lands on a lead generation page you want them to do one thing and one thing only — complete your form! Remove your navigation menu so they aren’t temped to get distracted and visit other pages of your website.

Keep your offer crystal clear so they know exactly what you are offering and have an “in your face” call-to-action so your visitors know what they need to do to get the offer. Also, keep your form short — you can always ask for additional information after you make the first initial contact.

While these tips can all help your increase your company’s leads, a lot of the success is related to what you are offering. It takes a great product/service/offer combined with the correct audience to create interest, giving someone reason to act (and convert into a lead). If you have an excellent offer and you are targeting the correct audience then using the tips above can help you increase your leads, which will translate into more sales and revenue for your company.

David Schwartz
SOS Business Development