More Effective Ways to Target Business Prospects Using Facebook Ads

LIKEFebruary 2014

Facebook’s targeting features are becoming even more powerful. Facebook has rolled out improved targeting options which now allows advertisers around the world to reach precise audiences based on four main targeting types: location, demographic, interests and behaviors. And in the US, they have also added Partner Categories to the Ads Create Tool so that every marketer, from brands to local businesses, can use this targeting option.

Say you’re a retailer that wants to show ads to people that live near your brick-and-mortar locations. With flexible location targeting, you can build campaigns around any combination of geographies: country and city (France and London), country and state (Canada and New York), state and city (California and Las Vegas), state and ZIP code (US only), etc. It’s also easier to exclude certain areas i.e., New York City, except 11211, or the UK, excluding Cambridge.

Trying to boost sales at your flower shop? It’s now easier to reach people who have recently declared their love for someone on Facebook. Core Audiences features more values for relationship status (like civil unions and domestic partnerships) as well as timely changes in life events, like getting engaged or married. Facebook also added a level of flexibility long requested by marketers, which allows targeting for people that have gotten engaged or married in the past year, or the last 3 or 6 months.

Or, maybe you’re a recruiter for a law firm and want to specifically advertise to associate attorneys at law firms in New York. Now you can. Core Audiences now covers information like workplace and job title, and offers expanded information about education.

People have a ton of interests, and marketers want to reach people specifically based on them. So facebook simplified how you can do this by redefining Facebook’s interest-based targeting segments so each has one simple meaning. Rather than having multiple targeting options like broad categories and keywords, they developed a new methodology that increases the precision of interest-based targeting by allowing advertisers to simply choose one segment. Now, if you want to reach baseball fans, just choose “baseball” as your targeting segment — it’ll pull in all the people that have liked or expressed interest in baseball-related topics on Facebook.


Core Audiences is a new targeting option, behaviors, which gives marketers the ability to target campaigns to people based on things they purchase and what devices they use. For instance, if you want to reach people interested in music that use iPhones, you’ll use behaviors as part of creating your target audience.

David Schwartz
SOS Business Development