Even Tasty Emails Can Fall Flat

SOS Email Expert Guidelines: How to Keep Your Tasty Emails From Falling Flat

1. A Unique Selling Proposition

Your email will be more successful if you provide a product or service that nobody else has. Or if you are offering a discounted price point, you’re ahead of the competition.

2. Timing
You’ll do better when you are ahead of the market with products. 
For example selling organic products before organics became popular.

3. A Good ESP
Picking an appropriate email provider. For example Constant Contact is good for smaller lists and
 a bulk email service provider is needed for big lists.

4. A Good Subject Line
A selling subject line using “hot” keywords will get your email opened. If not, your prospect will most likely just delete your email.

5. An Email Marketing Plan
An email marketing plan needs to be consistent with your company’s marketing plan. 
Frequency, continuity and commitment and the ability to stay with it and be consistent in messaging are the only way email marketing will work.

6. Tracking Responses and Sales Follow-through
Email opens and click-throughs represent sales leads that need to be put into the sales funnel and acted upon.
Good tracking metrics can also inform you why your email is working or why it is not. When you understand what’s causing the success (or failure) of an email campaign, you can adjust accordingly.

7. A Really Good List
A targeted and up-to-date list is vital to your success as an email marketer.

8. Excellent Content
Image and copy quality content gets attention, especially in food and beverage emails.

SOS specializes in email marketing for food and beverage.

David Schwartz
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