Consumer Marketing: Sell a Lifestyle Not the Product

What does “sell a lifestyle” really mean?

Everyone has their favorite make of car, their favorite clothes designer and favorite vacation venues. What we buy and who buy from is an important part of who we are, no matter age, income or where we live. Identifying and connecting with those preferences is the single best way to grow your business.

But what does “sell a lifestyle” really mean? Continue reading

Why Your Trade Ads Don’t Work

It has nothing to do with the magazine or Facebook or Google, or any other form of media.

It has to do with what you have to say and how you say it.

Here are a few samples of headlines from recent coffee industry ads: “The Finest Coffee On Earth”, ”Absolutely Brilliant Coffee Brewers”, or my favorite “Create The Ultimate Vanilla Latte”. Continue reading

30 Thought-Provoking Email Marketing Statistics

Thinking smallDigital marketers send nearly a trillion emails every year.  Budgets for email marketing continue to grow as email platforms become more robust, offering automation and greater integration with other channels.  In some organizations, email marketing is a cornerstone, while in others, it has lost favor to newer channels.  Regardless, email marketing is conducted in some capacity by almost any business.

The following list contains a combination of interesting and surprising statistics related to email marketing – covering everything from email marketing usage trends to list composition.  The key takeaways from the list are the opportunities in terms of spam prevention, list hygiene, and measurement/optimization.  Doing things that many of your competitors aren’t gives you an edge in the cluttered inbox.

1. Email marketing spending is predicted to rise to $2 billion dollars by the end of 2014 (Forrester)

2. 64.5% of B2B marketers plan to increase spending on email marketing in 2014 (eMarketer)

3. 55% of all business to business emails are marketing messages (Epsilon)

4. 30% of companies send more than half a million emails every month (Adestra)

5. Email marketing accounts for an average of 19% of digital marketing budgets for US B2B marketers (eMarketer) Continue reading