SOS Wholesale Growth Consulting

Blended iced coffee manufacturer

~Strong competition
~COVID-19 market conditions
~Resistance to change

SOS Solution:
~SOS Wholesale Growth Consulting
Starting with an initial survey, we work with clients to develop a “real world”, fast-track implementable sales and marketing plan that either the client implements or we implement with client sales and marketing teams or independently. With our food and beverage industry experience, we can hit the ground running without having to learn the business as we already know the major players, trends, and resources. Many times our consulting results in business function outcomes instead of marketing. Our consulting engagements can be initial or ongoing as market forces and competitors change, adding a valuable resource to the C-Suite.
~SOS Drip Lead Generation Email marketing to 10,000 cafes, other prospects
~Develop lower cost-per-goods and pricing structure, higher quality control, less costly packaging
~Rebrand with new brand identity
~Market with new high value message
~SOS ROI Facebook Marketing
~SOS Lead Nurture + Followup
~SOS Competitor + Market Research

$1.5 million in sales within 18 months