Coffee CEO Advisor: Why Your Email Campaigns Are Not Working

SOS Coffee CEO AdvisorIf you are in the coffee business and send out emails, I probably get your email marketing campaigns; I subscribe to literally hundreds of coffee-related emails. From roasters, cafes, equipment companies, and online retailers, to allied products including syrups and cup sleeves. It’s good business to keep up and see what’s going on in the industry. The problem, however, is all the emails are “self centered”, as if the creators of these emails are in a bubble.

Let’s take a look at some of these actual email subject lines from my email in-box today:
“Join our Friends 25th anniversary celebration”
“A gift from Colombia”
“Top 5 tips for making our coffee”
“Introducing the Puqpress Q2”
“Merry Christmas…in July!”
“Celebrating 6 months at the new roaster”
“The path to the freshest cup”

These are just the unfortunate tip of the iceberg. And the iceberg is pretty big, many just like this coming every week, a few every day. From notable and not so notable businesses. So, what’s wrong here?

What’s wrong is all of these do not present a compelling message and a unique sales proposition (USP) that addresses the needs or desires of the subscriber customer. They are either self serving or tired marketing clichés.

I am sure you will agree the purpose of email marketing is not only to keep in touch with customers but to sell products, hopefully at an increasing rate over time and to provide a reasonable ROI for the effort.

Why aren’t your emails working? Here are the top 3 key tips:
1. Know what will motivate your customer to buy now
2. Know when to hard sell and when to soft sell
3. Know your unique selling proposition (USP)

Email marketing is still an important revenue generator. It’s personal. And if done, shall I say, “artfully”, will out-perform any other form of marketing media including any pay-per-click campaign or affiliate program anywhere.

Send me examples of your emails and I will give you specific tips, no obligation. Use the email link or use the form below.

David Schwartz