Streamlining Your B2B Sales Cycle

In today’s eCommerce landscape, shoppers expect quick, seamless transactions. However, the traditional model of B2B selling relies heavily on Sales Reps operating in the field.

While this approach is an important element in achieving success, it doesn’t have to apply to every sale. Most B2B organizations now rely on a healthy mix of products sold by their team in the field along with additional products available to customers for purchase online.

Streamlining your sales models can free up valuable business resources with friction-less e-commerce channels for selling products directly to your customers in the following ways:

  • Utilizing an omni-channel approach to overhaul a traditional B2B selling model while maximizing sales cycle efficiency
  • Increasing cross sell and up-sell revenue by implementing a friction-less method for customers to upgrade existing subscriptions
  • Finding success through the trial model
  • Selling to internal stakeholders – aligning marketing, product, and sales to develop and launch a project of this size
  • Understanding how data quality and internal support for data transfer impacts time to launch

SOS is a specialty coffee industry business development marketing consultant